“Not four years, but forever.”

Written by Trang Bui

IMG_3866Those five words couldn’t be more true when it comes to Sigma Psi Zeta. Joining Greek life was definitely one of the greatest decisions I made as an undergraduate. It helped me open up, become involved in the community, but most importantly… it helped me with life after graduation. Here are the five reasons why Sigma Psi Zeta will always stay true to my heart:

1. The sisterhood never goes away. I always have a helping hand or a listening heart whenever I am in need.

2. Your legacy lives on. Going back as an Alumni is always a pleasure. I love to help and I know that my advice is appreciated because I was a part of the foundation that helped pave the way for future sisters.

3. Passion grows. Sometimes you might be the reason why passion grows in others and sometimes new sisters will reignite your passion. Passion is contagious and it’s one of the core reasons why an organization survives.

4. Life-long entertainment and food. Food? Sigma’s are there. Entertainment? That’s us.

5. Growing old. I’ve been a bridesmaid to one of my sorority sisters, and I know for a fact that these ladies will be with me until we are old grandmas repping our letters!

So why not join Sigma? Find your five reasons (and more).



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